"Seed of this heirloom variety was supposedly discovered in a pile of debris after the Great Flood of 1884. It has survived to this day because of the huge, superbly flavored fruit it produces in generous numbers. Dark pink tomatoes are at least 1 pound, and usually more toward 2 pounds, and juicy, brimming with delicious, old-fashioned taste." Tomato Growers Supply

"Each cluster has as many as 9 bright red fruit each weighing 1-2 lbs. Round and smooth, rather than ribbed, and very meaty with few seeds; taste is mild but not bland." Tomato Growers Supply

Cross breeding kept the fine taste of the original Abe Lincoln but created a plant that ripens earlier, has more disease resistance and higher yields.

" Large and very meaty red / yellow bi-color beefsteak with purple anthocyanin splashes on the sun kissed fruits. This was an accidental cross between big rainbow and an unknown anthocyanin line 5 years ago. Large, beautiful, solid and meaty. Good ability to hang on the vine ripe and maintains flavor and texture. Stores well post harvest."  Picture and text from Wild Boar Farms.

Totally Tomatoes 2005 catalog reads, "Excellent for those short-season summers. Pear-shaped, bright red plums produce abundant yields to satisfy your salad and canning needs for the season. Its earliness does not detract one bit from its juicy flavor! Fruits are 2" X 1.5" and weigh about 2 oz. each."

"Huge orange beefsteak that can grow to 2 lbs. and more, with an average diameter of 5 in. Flavor is mild and quite pleasant." Tomato Growers Supply

Large, up to one pound plus, this may become a new classic. The flavor is described as "sweet, rich, complex, and having wine-like overtones." It is reputed to hold up well in heat and drought conditions.  Picture from Sustainable Seed Company.

"Cross between Amish Paste and Sungold. Fruit is 1 1/2"-2" long, oblong shape with sharply-pointed end. Fruit has the gold color and flavor of the Sungold and the meatiness of the Amish Paste."  Text from TomatoFest  Picture from Hazard's Seeds.

"Amish heirloom variety produces paste-type fruit with an oblong oxheart shape. 8 oz. tomatoes are solid with an outstandingly good, sweet flavor."  Text and picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Small pink, 2 oz., oval cherries seem to last forever on the vine without rotting or losing flavor. Flesh is very firm, mild and sweet. Up to 6 blemish-free fruits per cluster, with many clusters on large plants ... with heavy foliage." Text and picture from Totally Tomatoes

"Also known as Black Pineapple, this is one of the most interesting tomatoes we offer. The skin has shades of green, purple, orange, and yellow. Bright green flesh has burst of red streaks … flavor starts out sweet and ends with the perfect amount of tang ... tremendous amount of 1.5 pound fruits." Territorial Seed Company Picture from Totally Tomatoes.

"Medium sized pink and red heart shaped fruits. Good producer with wonderful flavor. The seed was said to originate from a Russian immigrant in Oregon several generations ago." Tomato Bob

"Vigorous, heavy foliage, firm, smooth light red flattened globes with green shoulders, meaty, 6-16 ounces. Good color and flavor. First breeder, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama. Out of production for some years, my friend Ella found some seeds and thus saved this variety." Gary Millwood  Picture from Baker Creek.

"Fast becoming a favorite variety.  Medium, deep gold, fluted fruits pack a real flavor punch, much more intense than other golds. Very tomatoey.  A Virginia heirloom found by Chuck Wyatt." Marianna's Heirloom Seeds  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"This heirloom beefsteak variety has flavor so excellent and rich that some folks claim it is equal to or better than Brandywine. Deep pink tomatoes weigh 12 to 16 ozs. and are mostly smooth with very little cracking. Potato-leaved plants are vigorous and give good yields of these juicy and delicious tomatoes." Tomato Growers Supply, text and picture.

This is my wife's favorite. Large (12 to 16 ozs.) green fruits ripen to pale green with a tint of yellow. The flavor is sweet, yet spicy and quite delicious. Terry agrees with my wife, saying, "Aunt Ruby's German Green is my favorite. The best mater ever in my never-to-be-humble opinion."

"This is one of those varieties to grow when you want a really big impressive red tomato to show off to your friends. This fruit is huge, at least a pound or two, and borne abundantly on large, vigorous plants. Its flavor is as big as its size, bursting with a great blend of sugars and acids -- a full old-fashioned tomato taste. Heirloom variety from Australia." Tomato Growers Supply picture and text.

"A real standout among all of Seed Savers' red pears. Extra large 2" red tomatoes with excellent flavor. Very productive; occasionally a plant with yellow fruit appears."  Text and picture from Seed Savers Exchange

"A very productive Russian heirloom found at the Bird Market in Moscow. ("Azoychka" is a woman's name.). Our TomatoFest organic tomato seeds produce indeterminate, regular-leaf tomato plants that produce an abundant crop of smooth, 3-inch round, slightly flattened, yellow/orange tomatoes with a sweet citrusy flavor." TomatoFest  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Regular leaf plants. Multiflora type. Large trusses of small cream colored teardrop-shaped fruits with a blunt tip. Very good mild flavor with a touch of acidity. Very productive."  Text and picture from Tatiana's TOMATObase.

"This was our favorite when we compared 25 different yellow pears in 1998. Endless supply of 1 1/2" pear tomatoes with great taste, ideal for salads."  Text and picture from Seed Savers Exchange

"A 10 to 14 oz round, slightly oblate, maroon, purple (clear skin color) beefsteak....  It may be the earliest large fruited tomato to show up in your garden. The flavor is full and complex and tells you this is a real thoroughbred. I got just the perfect amount of sweetness on the finish with all the flavors of what we come to expect in great tomatoes. You may find other tomatoes with good flavor, but none better than this one."  Muddy Bucket Farms

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A customer recommended Beauty. "While the name of this tomato speaks of its lovely ribbed and scalloped appearance, it is the wonderful, old-fashioned tomato flavor that really sets it apart. Heavy crops of 12 to 16-oz. beefsteaks mature fairly early on vigorous plants that stay at a manageable size, unlike some other varieties in this class. Add to this outstanding productivity, great flavor, and ability to keep well after harvest and you have one beautiful tomato!" Tomato Growers Supply picture and text.

"Fruits often weigh up to 2 pounds. Meaty tomatoes big enough to overlap burgers! Nearly seedless, with rich flavor. Great slicer." Gurney's Seeds & Nursery

The original "hamburger" sized tomato. Up to 2 lbs., the fruit is slightly ribbed, flattened, solid and meaty. Some years hard to ripen in Oregon. Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

Extremely productive paste tomato has fruit almost twice the size of regular plum types. 4 to 5 oz. tomatoes are borne on compact plants that become nearly covered in fruit. Tomatoes are resistant to cracking and excellent for paste, canning, or juice.  Picture from High Mowing Organic Seed.

Berkeley Tie-Dye may not make you a hippie, but its unusual looks will get your attention. 8-16 oz. green with yellow & red stripes inside & out. Taste it and you'll want to grow it again.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

Rugged vines produce large crops of bright red, 12 to 16 oz. smooth, flavorful fruit. Similar to Big Boy, but with additional disease resistance. Firm and perfect for slicing. One of the best tasting, best producing garden tomatoes available anywhere.  Picture from Tomato Gorwers Supply.

Better Bush plants top out at about four feet, so they need only a little support. The reported four inch fruits are said to be sweet and meaty with "real tomato taste".  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

Big Beef combines old fashioned tomato flavor with high tech disease resistance and large, award winning fruits up to 10 to 12 oz. Produces abundant yields of attractive, uniform, full sized fruits right up to frost.

One of the first hybrid tomatoes to be developed for the home gardener, almost 50 years ago. One plant can produce over a bushel of large beefy fruit often weighing over 1 lb. Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

I saw Big Bandy listed by several seed companies.  Attracked by claims of large size, wonderful flavor and large size I thought we should give it a try.  Described as "semi-determinate" leads me to beleive this will tend to be a compact plant.  Learn more  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Regular leaf plants yield large, red, 8-12 oz., paste type tomatoes that resemble fat banana peppers. Excellent for thick paste tomato and canning. A great standard for your garden."  Text from TomatoFest.  Picture

My tomato buddy Al keeps telling me how great this one is. This is a Burpee exclusive. Al loves the taste and the huge fruit size. So if you like to make delicious, creamy, thick sauce give Big Mama a try. Burpee claims it peels very easily after boiling.

This is an open pollinated variety that looks and tastes very similar to the hybrid Sungold.

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"What an astonishing feast for the eyes! The flesh inside is marbled with red in the bottom half of the fruit. It has a big, lumpy beefsteak shape with a very mild and sweet flavor. It's a knockout on a platter with slices of our other tomato varieties. The large fruits (often 22 ounces) are borne on tall plants."

"Looks and tastes like a larger sungold. Sweet, fruity flavor. Great production. Crack much less then Sungold for me."  Picture and text from Wild Boar Farms.

Produces tomatoes up to 4 to 6 lbs. Meaty and delicious, very disease resistant, a cross between a red and pink heirloom variety.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"A tomato that is red and green-striped is so unusual that it's safe to say that you've probably never seen anything like it before. Although deep red and green outside, its interior is green with pink extending up into the middle. ... Fruit is medium to large with a mild, sweet flavor." Tomato Growers Supply

"Pumps out 3-4" fruit like crazy. Aggressive grower and producer. Great flavor, dark earthy tones of rich tomato." Wild Boar Farms

"World’s Darkest Tomato-- the darkest tomato we know of! A dark, meaty, very rich-fleshed tomato with extreme anthocyanin expression (same antioxidant in blueberries and blackberries). So dark that some tomatoes turn solid blue-black on the skin. Deep red flesh is among the best tasting of all tomatoes. Rich, smooth and savory with earthy tones. Hangs well on the vine and stores very well, and the flavor improves with room-temperature storage. Our own Dave Kaiser tasted it at the 2015 National Heirloom Exposition and proclaimed it as the BEST tomato he had ever eaten.

Black Cherry fruits are perfectly rounded, and have both the classic black color and fruity taste. The plants are vigorous, growing over six feet high and are very productive. This is now one of out top sellers.

"A fairly early, black variety from France that is of medium to large size. Fruit are round to irregular in shape and of a deep purple-pink color. This variety has finely flavored flesh that is well balanced and sweet. It is a great choice for home gardeners with shorter seasons." Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

A robust Russian heirloom and perhaps the largest of the dramatic blacks with dark green shoulders. Slightly flattened fruits will grow 3-5 inches in diameter.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.

"Big, purple-black fruit are a favorite of seed collectors, who rave about this one’s fantastic flavor! The dark, globe fruit weigh 6-14 oz and are borne on highly productive vines that start producing fairly early. These have a wonderful taste; the perfect blend of acid and sugars makes this one really stand out; highly delicious!"  Text and picture from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds

"Amazing 2-3 oz. fruit, Blue and gold bright yellow tomato with tops that turn black with anthocyanin. Interior is red-yellow bi-color that is sweet and fruity.High production plant. Sunburn, crack resistant. Great hang time and shelf life."  Picture and text from Wild Boar Farms.

"Dark Brown-red tomatoes are large, 10-12 oz., and very richly flavored with a hint of saltiness. Color is darker in hot weather, and fruit seems to set well even in the heat. Prone to cracking, but a very heavy producer." Tomato Growers Supply picture and text.

"Dark brown tomatoes are shaped like miniature pears and flavored with an excellent, rich taste. Potato-leaved plants produce an abundance of these beautiful, 4 to 6 oz. fruit, perfect for salads or as a unique additon to platters." Tomato Growers Supply picture and text.

Small elongated oval fruits are deep mahogany and sweet and fruity. I find these wonderful for snacking off the vine or for adding color and flavor to salads. 6-foot tall plants produce a steady, large crop.

Russian heirloom produces small to medium oval fruit, about 2 in. in diameter. Uniform, blemish free, very juicy.  Picture from Tomato Growers Supply.


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