Plants by Mail

Yes, we can ship our plants to most all states!

​Our plants are grown in 3.5 inch pots and we have custom designed boxes that will hold up to dight plants per box.  You can order eight of one variety or one each of eight different varifeties.  You can mix tomatoes and peppers, also.

​The price for shipped plants is the same an our Oregon market price.  You can buy less than eight plants, but the shipping will be nearly the same for one as for eight.

Select the plants you want, at check out indicate you want your plants mailed, then submit your order WITHOUT ANY PAYMENT.  After we receive your order we will confirm availability of the plants you desire then contact you to set a maiing date and arrange payment.

The price you pay will be the total of the plants ordered at our Oregon Market price plus a $5 boxing fee and actual shipping cost.  We have found that Priority Mail is reasonably priced and best for the plants.